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Why Donate?

Restoring the Brooklyn Opera House means:

  • More flex space for community functions

  • More traffic for local businesses and restaurants

  • Tax benefits and economic growth

  • A stronger outlook for Brooklyn’s future


With your tax-deductible contribution in any amount, we can secure this vital community resource for decades to come.

Clark_Colby_Neumann_Brothers_Brooklyn_21_AC32983 -edit.jpg

Ways to Donate


Checks can be mailed to:


PO Box 328
Brooklyn, IA 52211


Stop in during office hours


Endowment Fund

About Donating

Brooklyn Community Development is an Iowa 501 3c nonprofit corporation pursuant to Chapter 504 of the Code of Iowa. The Organization’s primary activities will be renovation and operation of The Brooklyn Opera House and operation of the Michael J. Manatt Community Center. Brooklyn Community Development will serve to encourage economic development, and promote the arts and the social welfare of the community it serves.

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